How to get to the Hollywood Sign. Best route to the Hollywood sign.
The world's smallest cinema to Hollywood

How to get to the Hollywood Sign.

The only and best route to the Hollywood Sign

We were in Hollywood for some meetings about the world’s smallest cinema. It was a nice day, so we decided to walk to the back of the Hollywood Sign. Many routes have been closed down, but this one is still open and it will remain open. The hike was awesome and the view as well.

There used to be a short hike towards the sign, but there have been traffic complaints from people in the neighbourhood so the path has been closed. Luckily, we have found a good alternative route. It takes a bit longer, but it is worth the walk. You can even take a short detour to the former Batcave from the old Batman films and series.

Navigate to 2798 Canyon Drive, Los Angeles, California. It is named ‘the batcave trail’. Drive as far as you can. You can park your car at the toilets. It is a hike, so these are the last toilets that you will encounter.

route to Hollywood sign

This is where the hike starts

Start walking straight ahead on the non-paved road. When you encounter your first split keep to your right. Follow the trail up the hill. At a certain point you will see a sign that says “you made it”. Take a left.

route or path to Hollywood sign

Take a left here to get to the Hollywood sign

First you will walk downhill, before you will go uphill again. You will also look down on a horses ranch. You can see a road that is fenced off above you. That is where you will be walking later. Keep going uphill.

How to get to the Hollywood Sign

You will pass this at some point. Just keep walking to get to the Hollywood sign.

After a while you will descent a little bit and continue on a paved road. Go uphill again. Follow the track and the rest will explain itself. When you walk steadily up and down will take at least 90 minutes. It is worth it!

How to get to the Hollywood Sign. Best route to the Hollywood sign.

When you made it to the Hollywood Sign. This is what you will get. It is awesome.

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