How to get to the Hollywood Sign. Best route to the Hollywood sign.
The world's smallest cinema to Hollywood

How to get to the Hollywood Sign.

The only and best route to the Hollywood Sign

We were in Hollywood for some meetings about the world’s smallest cinema. It was a nice day, so we decided to walk to the back of the Hollywood Sign. Many routes have been closed down, but this one is still open and it will remain open. The hike was awesome and the view as well.

There used to be a short hike towards the sign, but there have been traffic complaints from people in the neighbourhood so the path has been closed. Luckily, we have found a good alternative route. It takes a bit longer, but it is worth the walk. You can even take a short detour to the former Batcave from the old Batman films and series.

Navigate to 2798 Canyon Drive, Los Angeles, California. It is named ‘the batcave trail’. Drive as far as you can. You can park your car at the toilets. It is a hike, so these are the last toilets that you will encounter.

route to Hollywood sign

This is where the hike starts

Start walking straight ahead on the non-paved road. When you encounter your first split keep to your right. Follow the trail up the hill. At a certain point you will see a sign that says “you made it”. Take a left.

route or path to Hollywood sign

Take a left here to get to the Hollywood sign

First you will walk downhill, before you will go uphill again. You will also look down on a horses ranch. You can see a road that is fenced off above you. That is where you will be walking later. Keep going uphill.

How to get to the Hollywood Sign

You will pass this at some point. Just keep walking to get to the Hollywood sign.

After a while you will descent a little bit and continue on a paved road. Go uphill again. Follow the track and the rest will explain itself. When you walk steadily up and down will take at least 90 minutes. It is worth it!

How to get to the Hollywood Sign. Best route to the Hollywood sign.

When you made it to the Hollywood Sign. This is what you will get. It is awesome.

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The world's smallest cinema to Hollywood

Film critic Rene Mioch visits I Vitelloni: cinema piccolo in Hollywood

We have film critic Rene Mioch as a special guest in the world’s smallest cinema

There is only one Dutch film reporter that is a celebrity himself among the stars of Hollywood. When Rene Mioch covers an item on the red carpet, stars ranging from Oprah Winfrey, Robert Redford and Nicole Kidman will recognize him and come over for a little chitchat. He is our Dutch insider not only in Hollywood, but also in the rest of the world. (He has only missed one Cannes Film Festival since he began going before the age of twenty!)

As we know, winters in Hollywood are crammed with film events meaning Rene spends a considerable amount of winters in Southern California. We cannot blame him, as the winters here have a tendency to be nicer than those of Amsterdam.

This year we invited him over for dinner and a number of film screenings. Because we strive to show Hollywood the quality of the shorts we screen, we decided to organize this private screening for him with hopes he would give us a true film critics opinion. While the home cooked dinner was on the stove and in the oven, we took a break in world’s smallest cinema. He proved to be a genuine film buff—as he was eager to see a more than a few shorts. He enjoyed every single one of them and thought that they were all very different from one another. His opinion was that the filmography of the Common Denominator by Tess Löwenhardt was superb. Overall, he enjoyed ‘Life’s Too Short Not to Be Frank’ by Tom Huntingford the most—saying it was surprising and unique. As we shared many stories about film, the evening grew to be extremely pleasant. With great anticipation, we hope we will have the honor of hosting more wonderful guests like Rene in the future.

Rene Mioch, 's werelds kleinste bioscoop, Hollywood

Rene Mioch bezoekt in Hollywood ’s werelds kleinste bioscoop.

world's smallest cinema, Rene Mioch, Hollywood

Rene Mioch and Maarten van der Weijden with the world’s smallest cinema

The world's smallest cinema to Hollywood

I Vitelloni: cinema piccolo at Hollywood’s tallest actor

We are invited to the home of actor Carel Struycken in Los Angeles, Hollywood’s tallest actor. 

Since founding the world’s smallest cinema a few things are on my to-do list. Obviously, bringing my cinema to Hollywood ranks at the top of the list. However, not far behind is the desire to fit Hollywood’s tallest actor into the world’s smallest cinema. Although initially the desire does not make any sense, I believe the reason cannot be clearer. My cinema contests the traditional view on cinemas and space. It does not live up to the Hollywood standard of big screening rooms. In this sense, Hollywood’s tallest actor does not conform to Hollywood’s standards either—he is not our average Hollywood actor.

Carel Struycken was discovered in the seventies when he was strolling around Hollywood Boulevard and Vine Street. He remembers a car pulling up and a woman getting out explaining, “We need you for a movie.” Shortly after, Carel was casted for the film ‘Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hears Club Band (1978).’ From that moment onwards his career took off—playing roles in films and series including ‘The Witches of Eastwick,’ ‘The Adams Family,’ ‘Men in Black and Twin Peaks.’ Coincidentally, the actor is Dutch.

Carel was kind enough to invite us over to his house in Los Angeles. Once again, we pushed the cinema on to the back of the pick-up truck to undertake yet another adventure. Carel kept a prime space for Cinema Piccolo’s arrival. As we setup, the anticipation is quite exciting, as we don’t know whether or not the actor will actually fit in the cinema. So far the record stands at five people in the cinema, but they all fit in with the average Dutch height. Carel is Dutch, but he certainly has not got the average Dutch height. Surprisingly enough, Carel fits in the cinema perfectly! Success.

The actor chose three films from our selection: ‘Exorcistor’ by Tom Titulaer, ‘Nachtblind’ by Nena van Driel and ‘De Gemene Deler’ by Tess Löwenhartdt. He enjoys the cinematography of ‘Nachtblind’ and the story of ‘Exorcistor’ most.

Besides discussing the films, we also have time to talk about his movie career and his new photography projects. In his acting career, playing roles without speech always had his preference over roles with speech. He always had a great interest in the Sci Fi genre. His photography projects entail the making of spherical panorama’s, 360 degree photographs. His latest project involves capturing the Universal Studios using this technology. Hopefully for us, all the other Hollywood Studios will follow as well because the 360 degree photographs are mind-boggling.

Carel Struycken, world's smallest cinema, hollywood's tallest actor, I Vitelloni: cinema piccolo

Hollywood’s tallest actor fits in the world’s smallest cinema

Carel Struycken, Hollywood's tallest actor, the world's smallest cinema, I Vitelloni, cinema piccolo

Hollywood’s tallest actor steps out the world’s smallest cinema

Carel Struycken, the world's smallest cinema, I Vitelloni, cinema piccolo, Hollywood's tallest actor

Carel Struycken next to the world’s smallest cinema

Carel Struycken, I Vitelloni, cinema piccolo, the world's smallest cinema, Hollywood's tallest actor

Carel Struycken stands next to I Vitelloni: cinema piccolo

The world's smallest cinema to Hollywood

The world’s smallest cinema arrives in California

To get it from Amsterdam to Hollywood. Step 1.

Would that not be awesome? To drive the world’s smallest cinema all the way to Hollywood without customs, without transport agencies, without difficult paperwork and with just a lot of fun? Unfortunately, we all know that that is not possible. The last couple of weeks have been as exciting as they have been stressful. The idea of bringing the world’s smallest cinema to Hollywood seems like pure logic to us, so the decision was made. No external funding, no plan, no anything, just a big YES.

However, how do we get it there with the limited funds that we have or rather the funds that we have not? The first challenge is that Piaggio Ape cars are not being exported to the USA and that they are not approved for the road. For this reason it is quite difficult to export the world’s smallest cinema, as it is a vehicle but not an approved vehicle. A bit of brainstorming in our local pub provided us with a solution: we will take the engine out so that it will no longer be ‘a vehicle’. Solved. Now we just need to ship it as an object. Luckily, this is easier as we found someone to share a container with. The only question is whether US customs will consider it to be a vehicle.

Tring, tring, we receive a phone call: ‘your container is being held back and tomorrow they will send it to another location for thorough inspection. The costs of this transport and the inspection are yours. We will be in touch tomorrow’. Okay, our venture is over and we can pack our stuff and fly back to Amsterdam. At least that is what we think… The following day we receive another phone call: ‘they have decided to clear the container anyway, we can deliver it in three days’. What a relief. We have taken the engine out, so we have to find new means for transportation in the US. We choose the most American solution that we could find: driving it around by pick-up truck. Everyone seems to have one here.

On the day of arrival the truck driver is hours late, but once he gets here our frowns turn upside down. What a pleasure to open a container and see that the cinema is there, in one piece. Two patrons of I Vitelloni: cinema piccolo joined me to help to unload the car from the container and on to the pick-up truck. Our enthusiasm prevented us from doing the proper research on the pick-up, as the cinema sticks out 3 feet from the back of the truck. We do not care. Our first destination: San Francisco. From this city we will move our way up to Hollywood. We have been in talks with several wonderful and interesting events, so we cannot wait for our first screening!

The cinema is being delivered

The cinema is being delivered

cinema piccolo

The world’s smallest cinema arrives

Cinema Piccolo Hollywood 4Cinema Piccolo Hollywood 10

I Vitelloni: cinema piccolo is ready for the road

I Vitelloni: cinema piccolo is ready for the road

the world's smallest cinema arrives in California

Cinema Piccolo on the road


I Vitelloni: cinema piccolo in Hollywood

The world’s smallest cinema arrives in Hollywood


I Vitelloni: cinema piccolo on the road in California

I Vitelloni: cinema piccolo on the road in California


The world's smallest cinema at the coast

The world’s smallest cinema at the coast


The world's smallest cinema to Hollywood

The world’s smallest cinema is going to Hollywood!

The news is out. The last couple of months we have been working hard to make something special happen. From the start we knew that the world’s smallest cinema belongs in Hollywood. We encountered some challenges, but we are pleased to announce that the cinema is on its way by ship and will arrive in California soon. We will travel between San Francisco and Los Angeles to visit a number of people and places with a special connection to film. We are very excited and are looking forward to this adventure. We hope to discover great things about the past and future of film. Please spread the word and follow our Facebook Page, Instagram and Twitter for regular updates!

World smallest cinema in Hollywood