The world's smallest cinema to Hollywood

Film critic Rene Mioch visits I Vitelloni: cinema piccolo in Hollywood

We have film critic Rene Mioch as a special guest in the world’s smallest cinema

There is only one Dutch film reporter that is a celebrity himself among the stars of Hollywood. When Rene Mioch covers an item on the red carpet, stars ranging from Oprah Winfrey, Robert Redford and Nicole Kidman will recognize him and come over for a little chitchat. He is our Dutch insider not only in Hollywood, but also in the rest of the world. (He has only missed one Cannes Film Festival since he began going before the age of twenty!)

As we know, winters in Hollywood are crammed with film events meaning Rene spends a considerable amount of winters in Southern California. We cannot blame him, as the winters here have a tendency to be nicer than those of Amsterdam.

This year we invited him over for dinner and a number of film screenings. Because we strive to show Hollywood the quality of the shorts we screen, we decided to organize this private screening for him with hopes he would give us a true film critics opinion. While the home cooked dinner was on the stove and in the oven, we took a break in world’s smallest cinema. He proved to be a genuine film buff—as he was eager to see a more than a few shorts. He enjoyed every single one of them and thought that they were all very different from one another. His opinion was that the filmography of the Common Denominator by Tess Löwenhardt was superb. Overall, he enjoyed ‘Life’s Too Short Not to Be Frank’ by Tom Huntingford the most—saying it was surprising and unique. As we shared many stories about film, the evening grew to be extremely pleasant. With great anticipation, we hope we will have the honor of hosting more wonderful guests like Rene in the future.

Rene Mioch, 's werelds kleinste bioscoop, Hollywood

Rene Mioch bezoekt in Hollywood ’s werelds kleinste bioscoop.

world's smallest cinema, Rene Mioch, Hollywood

Rene Mioch and Maarten van der Weijden with the world’s smallest cinema


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