The world's smallest cinema to Hollywood

I Vitelloni: cinema piccolo at Hollywood’s tallest actor

We are invited to the home of actor Carel Struycken in Los Angeles, Hollywood’s tallest actor. 

Since founding the world’s smallest cinema a few things are on my to-do list. Obviously, bringing my cinema to Hollywood ranks at the top of the list. However, not far behind is the desire to fit Hollywood’s tallest actor into the world’s smallest cinema. Although initially the desire does not make any sense, I believe the reason cannot be clearer. My cinema contests the traditional view on cinemas and space. It does not live up to the Hollywood standard of big screening rooms. In this sense, Hollywood’s tallest actor does not conform to Hollywood’s standards either—he is not our average Hollywood actor.

Carel Struycken was discovered in the seventies when he was strolling around Hollywood Boulevard and Vine Street. He remembers a car pulling up and a woman getting out explaining, “We need you for a movie.” Shortly after, Carel was casted for the film ‘Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hears Club Band (1978).’ From that moment onwards his career took off—playing roles in films and series including ‘The Witches of Eastwick,’ ‘The Adams Family,’ ‘Men in Black and Twin Peaks.’ Coincidentally, the actor is Dutch.

Carel was kind enough to invite us over to his house in Los Angeles. Once again, we pushed the cinema on to the back of the pick-up truck to undertake yet another adventure. Carel kept a prime space for Cinema Piccolo’s arrival. As we setup, the anticipation is quite exciting, as we don’t know whether or not the actor will actually fit in the cinema. So far the record stands at five people in the cinema, but they all fit in with the average Dutch height. Carel is Dutch, but he certainly has not got the average Dutch height. Surprisingly enough, Carel fits in the cinema perfectly! Success.

The actor chose three films from our selection: ‘Exorcistor’ by Tom Titulaer, ‘Nachtblind’ by Nena van Driel and ‘De Gemene Deler’ by Tess Löwenhartdt. He enjoys the cinematography of ‘Nachtblind’ and the story of ‘Exorcistor’ most.

Besides discussing the films, we also have time to talk about his movie career and his new photography projects. In his acting career, playing roles without speech always had his preference over roles with speech. He always had a great interest in the Sci Fi genre. His photography projects entail the making of spherical panorama’s, 360 degree photographs. His latest project involves capturing the Universal Studios using this technology. Hopefully for us, all the other Hollywood Studios will follow as well because the 360 degree photographs are mind-boggling.

Carel Struycken, world's smallest cinema, hollywood's tallest actor, I Vitelloni: cinema piccolo

Hollywood’s tallest actor fits in the world’s smallest cinema

Carel Struycken, Hollywood's tallest actor, the world's smallest cinema, I Vitelloni, cinema piccolo

Hollywood’s tallest actor steps out the world’s smallest cinema

Carel Struycken, the world's smallest cinema, I Vitelloni, cinema piccolo, Hollywood's tallest actor

Carel Struycken next to the world’s smallest cinema

Carel Struycken, I Vitelloni, cinema piccolo, the world's smallest cinema, Hollywood's tallest actor

Carel Struycken stands next to I Vitelloni: cinema piccolo


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