The world's smallest cinema to Hollywood

The world’s smallest cinema in San Francisco

Another Hole In The Head film festival. Our first festival.

Very exciting. It’s December, it’s the Another Hole In The Head film festival, and it’s the world premiere of Face, Taka Arai and Norith Soth’s found footage film about a Halloween frat party gone horribly, horribly wrong. This footage is leaked police evidence you are not supposed to watch. It reveals a chain reaction of the most appalling acts ever committed by college kids in American history.

So what caused the gruesome aftermath at the Delta Chi Kappa Sorority house on the night of October 31, 2012? The world’s smallest cinema definitely wants to find out.

That’s why it’s even more exciting that the SF Indiefest has invited us to have our first showcase right there in the theater. SF Indiefest is a year-round, non-profit organization that has been operating since 1998 in the San Francisco area. They present three annual festivals: the SF Independent Film Festival, the SF Documentary Festival and Another Hole In The Head, which is now in its 10th year. Obviously we are very happy to be part of such an authentic film festival, with three full weeks of independent horror, sci-fi and fantasy films – 54 feature films and 27 short films in total.

It’s the perfect way to launch the world’s smallest cinema in the United States. All we have to do is get the cinema to the New People’s theater in time for the premiere. What could possibly go wrong?

A lot, as it turns out.

First showcases and preparations always take more time than you expect and there are always plenty of surprises. This is no exception. First of all, getting the cinema onto the newly-rented pick-up is more difficult than we anticipate. I manage to strain my back pushing the yellow car onto the truck.

My back is aching but we are finally in the truck and on the move – and then we hit the San Francisco traffic. We are stuck. For a very long time.

We finally arrive at the theater 30 minutes before the premiere, physically incapacitated and with too little time to set up shop. We have to cancel the event.

What a disappointment. Luckily, George and Hiromi are very understanding, but having to cancel is just not our cup of tea.

world's smallest cinema

First set up of the world’s smallest cinema

the world's smallest cinema

First screening in the USA of the world’s smallest cinema. It is running!

Another Hole In The Head Film Festival

The world’s smallest cinema at Another Hole In The Head film festival in San Francisco.


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