I Vitelloni: cinema piccolo

The big common denominator by Tess Löwenhardt

In 2010 Tess Löwenhardt finished the short film, ‘De Grote Gemene Deler’ (‘The Big Common Denominator’). This is a co production with Fish Pix. Her collaboration with well-known D.O.P. Remko Schnorr, who took her visual concept and incorporated it into the whole film, makes this movie a true visual and emotional masterpiece. Shot on 35mm with anamorphic lenses, it’s a film that goes into the depth of family relations whilst being a cinematographic art film. This film has been selected for the 2011 Cannes Short Film Corner, Palm Springs Int. Short Film Festival, Oberhausen Film Festival, Interfilm Berlin and has won the ‘Best Film’ prize at the 4XF film Festival.


‘The Big Common Denominator’ is a tragic-comedy film of 5 minutes. It tells the tale of ‘Mientje’ (82), who doesn’t feel like celebrating her birthday with her family. Clearly she and her daughter have a conflict that has been going on for years. Will all be well on this special day?


Now screening in the world’s smallest cinema: I Vitelloni – cinema piccolo





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